Play Nintendo (NES) Games in Your Nokia or Symbian Mobile Phone

Reminisce and enjoy playing once again classic Nintendo games using your Nokia or Symbian OS powered phone.

As I was waiting for my girl during her visit to the dentist, I was left with no choice but to read magazines which I had little interest of. I then saw a picture of Mario in his old form. This is not the cute big nosed cartoon like Mario we have been accustomed to nowadays, but it is the small, pixelized version of the guy. It’s the Mario which still hasn’t grabbed a mushroom to get bigger. The Mario you get at level 1-1.

It’s always nice to play old school games. They’re pretty simple but they rock! What they lack in graphics, they certainly make up with the other aspects of the game.

What you can play using the Nintendo Entertainment Sytem (NES) console 10 to 15 years ago, can now be played using only your Nokia mobile phone using the vNES emulator!


Nintendo Enterteainment Sytem graphic1
Nintendo NES by Yannick Croissant

The Nintendo Entertainment System also known as…


Family Computer by Eric I. E.

The Family Computer


You just need to download their emulator at the official vNES site which is made by Vampent. Or you can go directly to their vNes download page. Remember to choose the right version for your phone.

If you’ve got a Nokia s60v3 Nokia phone like the 5700, N73, N80, N91, N93, N95, E50, E60, E61, E71, etc.. then you just need to download the vNes Symbian s60v3 version.

If you’ve got a Nokia Series 60 phone like the 6600, 7610, NGage, 6630, 6680, 6681, 6670, N70, etc… then you just need to download the vNes Symbian version.

(You can view the supported handsets at their supported mobile models page for their official list)

These two NES emulators are free!

However, if your Nokia phone is not the series 60 or s60v3 version, or you don’t have a Nokia phone, then you need to download the vNes J2ME version which is not free.

Once you’ve downloaded the vNes installer for your phone, just transfer it to your memory card and install it from your phone or install it through the PC Suite software of your mobile (connecting it to your PC using the data cable and using PC Suite).

What about the Nintendo (NES) Games?

You can just Google or search for “NES roms” and I’m sure you would be able to find sites where you would be able to download NES games for your mobile. Once you’ve downloaded a game, (make sure it’s unzipped) just put or save it in a folder in your mobile, and load the game using vNes.

Before I download a game though, I make sure that I have a cartridge of that game still stashed in my collection. I make sure I don’t go against any property rights.

Now whenever I’m waiting for my girl, I know I can play some of the vintage Nintendo (NES) games in my mobile phone and not die of boredom even without a PSP.

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