Free Nokia 5800 or Symbian s60v5 Game: Micro Pool

Micro Pool is a free game for Nokia 5800 or Symbian 60v5 (s60v5) which brings us the fun of playing Pool to our mobile phones.

Pool is a game which is enjoyed by almost everyone. It has a unique combination of fun, competition, and relaxation. It’s one of those unique games which are enjoyable whatever the mood you are in.

Micro Pool is a Nokia 5800 or Symbian 60v5 (s60v5) application made by Gabor Fetter which brings this fun game to our phones. It’s free to install to your Nokia 5800 or s60v5 mobile phone although you will only be able to play one kind of game – 8-ball.

Free Nokia 5800 or Symbian s60v5 Game Micro Pool graphic01 


Although it you may only play 8-ball, you can play it for an unlimited number of times. It has very good graphics, very fast performance, good sound effects, is very easy to learn, and the physics of the game is like a real pool table. Simply put, it is very enjoyable.

Free Nokia 5800 or Symbian s60v5 Game Micro Pool graphic02


If you want to be able to play the other games like 9-ball, there is a link in the page of Gabor Fetter. You can purchase it there.

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  1. ramisss says:

    thank you sooo much

  2. how can i download it ?

  3. nahimqureshi says:

    irs true

  4. benyamin says:

    NICE, thank you