Convert Movies and Videos for your Nokia E63

Using the best free video conversion software and the right settings, you’ll have the best movies and videos for your Nokia E63.

The economy version of the Nokia E71 has arrived in the form of the Nokia E63. With the exception of the looks (metal vs. plastic), some features (camera, GPS, and audio quality), and sales package (no USB and memory card included) the Nokia E63 has the same specifications as the Nokia E71. Our question now is – could the Nokia E63 play videos and movies as well as the Nokia E71?

To the delight of the Nokia E63 users, it plays videos and movies almost as well as the Nokia E71. The Nokia E63 may be a cheaper but it carries the same processor and RAM as the E71. Both also have the same display size of 2.36 inches; 16M color display (320×240 pixels). It also has the same player (Realplayer) as the the E71. The reason I said almost is that the audio quality of the Nokia E71 is noticeably better than the E63.

Let’s now convert videos and movies for the Nokia E63!

Convert Movies and Videos for Nokia E63 graphic00

Nokia E63 oh my. [trial] by philcampbell


Below are two video conversion applications we can use to convert videos and movies for the Nokia E63.

Download and Install Super Video Converter

If you’re going to use Super Video Converter to convert videos and movies, I suggest that you first read How to Use Super Video Converter. The download link for the installer of Super Video Converter is also there.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Super (and know how to use it), use the conversion settings below to convert your video or movie for the Nokia E63.

I’ve indicated two settings – for your video files which are in non-widescreen format, and for your video files which are in widescreen format.

Non-widescreen videos have a natural aspect size of 320×240 (aspect ratio of 1.33:1). Widescreen videos usually have resolutions of 700×252 (aspect ratio of 2.77:1) or other resolutions having an aspect ration of 1.77:1. When you play the source video, I’m sure you will notice if it’s widescreen or not.

a. For Non-Widescreen Videos

For non-widescreen video formats your Super settings should look like the one below:

Convert Videos and Movies for Nokia E63 graphic07 

The settings in the screenshot are:

Output File: mp4
Output Video Codec: mpeg-4
Output Audio Codec: AAC LC

Video General Options: Both unchecked
Video Scale Size: 320×240
Video Aspect: 4:3
Video Frame/Sec: 25
Video Bitrate: 384
Video Other Options: “High Quality” and “48k Audio” are checked

Audio General Options: Both unchecked
Audio Sampling Frequency: 44100
Audio Channels: 2
Audio Bitrate: 112
DVD Language Select: default


b. For Widescreen Videos

For widescreen video formats your Super settings should look like the one below:

Convert Videos and Movies for Nokia E63 graphic08 

The settings in the screenshot are:

Output File: mp4
Output Video Codec: mpeg-4
Output Audio Codec: AAC LC

Video General Options: Both unchecked
Video Scale Size: 320×176
Video Aspect: 16:9
Video Frame/Sec: 25
Video Bitrate: 384
Video Other Options: “High Quality” and “48k Audio” are checked

Audio General Options: Both unchecked
Audio Sampling Frequency: 44100
Audio Channels: 2
Audio Bitrate: 112
DVD Language Select: default


If you notice that the audio and video aren’t synchronized, check the frame rate of source video by double-clicking the source video file in Super. A new window would appear at the right where you can check the Frame rate under the Video Category. You can use this setting to replace the Video Frame/Sec setting above.


MediaCoder Transcoder

MediaCoder is another converter which can be used for the Nokia E63. If you encounter problems using Super you can use MediaCoder instead. I suggest that you first read How to Use MediaCoder if this is your first time to use this. You will also find the download link of MediaCoder there.

Once you’ve installed MediaCoder (and know how to use it) Just use the conversion settings in the screenshots below to convert your video or movie for the Nokia E63. 

Non-Widescreen Videos 

Convert Videos Movies Nokia E63 graphic11

Convert Videos Movies Nokia E63 graphic12


If you’ve entered the correct settings, the summary should show the following:


Widescreen Videos

For widescreen videos, you will still use the settings above but change the settings in the Picture Tab.


If you want to use other video conversion software, you can check out the article – The Best Free Video Conversion Applications.


That’s it! Just input those settings and encode your video and you now have a converted video or movie for your Nokia E63. Just transfer the converted video/movie to your phone and then enjoy!


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  1. ngoc says:

    Thank for your post but may Nokia E63 could not play the video file converted.

    • Ige says:

      What file were you converting? Maybe you could double check if you successfully transferred the converted video to your phone and if you had all the correct settings.

  2. Valentina says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! :) I’m having problems with maching the sound and picture though..maybe cause i set the bitrate kbps on 12..something rather then 348. I’m converting it again,hope it will work perfectly this time. You’re a genious if it does :D

    Thanks again!

    • Valentina says:

      Oh no,it still isnt working :(

      Please could someone help me with this? I’ll consider your help as a birthday present,as I have it today :P

      Any suggestions welcomed

      Thanks in advance

  3. Valentina says:

    Why did you delete my coment?

    • Ige says:

      I didn’t delete it. It was just the system moderating the comment. I think it was your first time to comment so it would really do that. I’m really sorry for that but it is my only protection for the thousands of spam comments I receive everyday

  4. Valentina says:

    I still couldn’t fix the problem..please help.
    The sound and picture arent “allied” The longer I watch the movie,the more the picture is falling behind
    please help :s

    • Ige says:

      Let me say first HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Many more to come!!

      Now to your problem on the video and audio not being synchronized.
      In my experience, synchronization problems usually occur on some video files when the frame rate indicated for the conversion is not equal to the original video’s frame rate. Let me repeat that this happens on some videos only. On some videos even when the frame rate is not equal the video and audio are synchronized.

      Now what you have to do is check the frame rate of your original unconverted video. You can do this by dragging the file to Super Video Converter and then double-clicking the file. Another window would pop-up showing you details of your video file. Check the FRAME RATE and use this as the setting for Frame/Sec. If its 30 fps, use 30 as the Frame/Sec setting.

      Hope this heklps you and again Happy Birthday!

  5. Valentina says:

    Hi again!
    Thank you for both the happy birthday and your help :)
    Oh,and I’m sorry I judged too fast before about you deleting my comment..I just assumed*blush*..

    About the problem,I tryied fixing it as you suggested. I set the frame rate to 23.976 just like it showed on the list when I double-clicked the file.
    Unfortunately..the video and audio still aren’t synchronized.

    I tryied converting another video,and it works fine. But unfortunately I cant seem to get the best episode of Seinfeld to work,it’s really frustrating xP

    Do you need any other information about the video in order to help me fix the problem? Please,is there anything else I could try?

    Thank you again for all your help.
    Oh and may I ad I love this web site,it offers a lot of very useful informations.
    Keep up the good work :)

    • Ige says:

      Hi Valentina,
      Sorry I wasn’t able to reply to you sooner. Let me thank you for being a constant visitor of this site. And thank you also for the appreciation. It’s thank-you’s like this that make me want to make this site better and more useful.

      This may be a case wherein the frame rate is not correctly specified in the source file. With that try a lower, or higher frames per second. If you’ve already tried 25 fps and 23.976 fps, please try 15fps, 29.97fps, and 30fps. This is the only setting in conversion wherein you could correct the audio and video synchronization.

      If this doesn’t work, a true video editor like ULEAD (which is unfortunately paid) can fix your converted file. Try also acquiring another file of the same video if you can. The source video is most likely the problem here.

      Thank you again and please subscribe to the free RSS feed or email updates if you can!

  6. neringa says:

    Thank you so much :)

  7. MrGemini87 says:

    I followed your way and now i can watch file mp4 on my mobile (nokia e63). Thank you very much!

  8. Vikas says:

    How i can download the software, bcoz there is no link as such.

  9. Willy Wonka says:

    hey, i noticed that the audio quality isn’t very good after converting, is it possible to have it in a higher quality that is still playable on the e63?

    and umm, is 320 x 240 or 320 x 176 (or any size smaller) the only sizes playable on the e63? if the resolution is higher would it still be playable and would the quality be higher or remain the same?

    is there a limit to the quality of the video files the e63 can play? because i’ve tried playing really high quality files before and they didn’t work. so do you know what the limit is? like, fps, bitrate, etc.

    thanks a lot in advance! :D

    • Ige says:

      Try increasing the audio bitrate to 128kbps so as to increase the quality of the audio.

      The video scale sizes I’ve specified (320×240 and 320×176) are the optimal video sizes for the e63. Even if you set them higher, there won’t be an difference in the quality when you play them on the e63. Problems in playback might also occur if u set them higher. I suggest also that you keep the video bitrate as it is at 384kbps. It’s already optimized so that you get the best possible video quality with a file size that won’t be too big.

  10. Drew says:

    G’day! Thanks for your great post. I tried it and it worked great (at first).

    But just in case anyone else as the same problem as me, I find that SUPER works the first time. Then a few days later I try to convert another file and I get a generic error message. I’ve found I can reinstall SUPER and it will work again the first time, but soon after it will stop working again. I haven’t found how to correct the problem yet.

    • Ige says:

      I’ll try to post another converter as flexible as Super is so that people who are having problems with it can alternatively use another one. I suggest though that you use the older versions (or latest version) of Super to see if you encounter less problems with it.

  11. Jonny says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write that! i had been fiddling for ages, trying to get it to work, and now it does! Again, thank you very much :)

  12. dr.diablo says:

    Hi, Thanks for the informative post. Anyhow, im not able to listen to audio if i use Mediacoder with Lame MP3 encoding, other combos wont work…., the picture is fine. pls help..?

    • Ige says:

      Maybe it’s because of a source file problem? You can try other encoders like Helix MP3 or MEncoder. Make sure also that you are running the latest MediaCoder available.

  13. Arnold says:

    dude…my comment is vanished!

  14. Arjun says:

    I still have the problems of synchronization of video and audio.

    • Ige says:

      Make the Video Frame/Sec higher or lower. If it was set to 25 try converting your video with the next lower or next higher frame/sec. That should solve your problem.

  15. harshal says:

    just download format factory, and in settings choose Ex (it means settings for nokia e series phones) and start converting your videos.

    i myself have nokia E63 and have tested it.It works like a charm.

  16. Prat says:

    I have a problem with playing a movie in Nokia E63. The player given is Real Player, which does not give a scrolling option. Thus if i have to stop a movie in between & restart it later, I have to again start it from the beginning. Is there a free player for Nokia E63 which wil give scrolling options, or start a movie file from where it got stopped the last time. Please respond.

    • Ige says:

      Scrolling in RealPlayer is harder but possible. Use the left and right keypad to fast forward or rewind from a certain point in your video. If that doesn’t work then that just means that your video isn’t indexed and doesn’t support scrolling. It should work with other videos that are indexed though.

  17. Askandres says:

    Hi, when trying to play videos on my nokia N63 with the real player application it says “unable to play video or sound clip, trying to play partially”. I tried using the super software to encode the video and followed the instructions but the problem persist.Can anybody help me please? Thanks a lot

    • Ige says:

      Try using other videos to isolate your problem. The settings should work – several people have already used them on various different formats.

  18. Dhirendra Chouhan says:


    its working…….
    yaaaaa ho…..!!!!!

  19. Ravi Lohan says:

    hey help me out.. plz send me the link to download the converter for my nokia e63. plz..

  20. Thanks a lot for the was really helpful. And I am able to play videos/movies in my E63.
    Just to add one point:
    For better audio/video one can choose 256 Kbps (Audio Bit rate) and in 432 Kbps (Video Bit Rate).
    Just play with the settings and you can find a better output for your set (depending upon the video file)..

  21. Geekiest says:

    It worked perfect, i converted a video which i downloaded from Youtube. Thanks a lot.

  22. catherine says:

    hi converted fine but wont play in real player it just comes up as red writing what i doing something wrong?

  23. Minh Tuan says:


    I’ve downloaded and used Super Video Converter to converted some videos and movies to*.avi, *.flv, *3gp or *.mp4 but all of them could not played by SmartMovie or FlvPlayer or RealPlayer on my Nokia E71! The SmartMovie could play some of the movies what I’ve watched by my SE P910i very well but could not play some another. If the movie were locating in the coming box (transfured by blurtooth)the RealPlayer could play them but if they were moved to memmery stick then the RealPlayer and FlvPlayer or RealPayer could not play any of them!

    Please help me!

    • Ige says:

      That’s weird. If a video file is playable in your phone (in your case the E71) , it will ALWAYS play at your E71 regardless if you transfer it through memory stick or through Bluetooth. Double check that you’ve input the settings I’ve indicated above so that you get playable videos.

  24. Goldnutmeg says:


    Thanks for your tips regarding the E63. I have successfully converted and transferred a couple of videos to my phone. However I find that the videos freeze every now and then when I play them which is very frustrating! Do you know a fix for this?

    Thanks again for your help!

  25. nikhil says:

    whenever i try to play a video of size more than 10-11 MB on the nokia E63, it gives a message “unable to retrieve both video and audio together. trying to play one”.
    i keep the resolution at 320×240, still the issue persists.
    could you tell the cause for it and suggest a solution please.

    • Ige says:

      Try using the other video converters I mentioned in the article. Use the settings specifically mentioned there and it should work. Try to test it out in your computer as well and see if its playable.

  26. Krish says:

    I have installed SmartMovie in my E63 and the converter in PC. When I tried converting and play the movie in mobile I could see the video fine but the audio was so compressed it sounded like cartoon scream at faster pace. I do not have any idea about bitrate, frequency etc. I am going to try the instructions you have mentioned here. Hope it would be fine this time. By the way can you tell me why the SmartMovie converter crashes sometimes when I upload some .avi files for conversion?

  27. iftikhar says:

    i tried to installed converter but not installing , plz any body help me
    thanks a lot

  28. Shivam says:

    hey ive put mp4 videos after converting in my e63. but all of the videos stutter and that too very please
    P.S. ive tried different framerates and video as well as audio bitrates…and even experimented with different converters

  29. gothi says:

    der iz no link for downldg…
    Plz help

  30. nisar says:

    i would like to have,e63 mp4 converter,inmy mobile.thank you

  31. ravi says:

    thanks dude ///
    u r great
    now i can wach moive on my nokia e 63 thanks again

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