Convert Movies and Video Files for your Nokia E71 / E61 / E61i

By using the best free video conversion software and the right settings, you’ll have the best movies and videos for your Nokia E71 / E61 / E61i.

As the E71 and its brothers (the E61i and E61) have a large wide screen that is ideal for movies, I wanted to put movies and videos in it so I could enjoy watching even if I don’t have a T.V. or computer to watch on. As the E71 had “RealPlayer” as its video player, the videos it could play were a bit limited – so I first looked for free mobile players that I could install in the E71. My search was in vain though as the only player that was worth considering was “Coreplayer” and it isn’t free. It played almost any format and would only need a little conversion if any is needed at all.

I then thought, what if I just converted movie or video files that are understandable by RealPlayer? What if I’m just underestimating the playing capabilities of the in-house player of the E71?


Convert Videos and Movies for Nokia E71 E61 E61i graphic01


Below are two video conversion applications we can use to convert videos and movies for the Nokia E71.

Super Video Converter

If you’re going to use Super Video Converter to convert videos and movies, I suggest that you first read How to Use Super Video Converter. The download link for the installer of Super Video Converter is also there.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Super (and know how to use it), use the conversion settings below to convert your video or movie for the Nokia E71.

There are two sets of conversion settings for the E71, one is for non-widescreen videos, and the other is for widescreen videos. Non-widescreen videos have a natural aspect ratio of 1.33:1 or aspect size of 320×240. Widescreen videos have aspect ratios ranging from 1.77:1 or 2.77:1.

I had to make a separate setting for widescreen videos because I noticed that the people in the widescreen videos I was converting literally became thinner because the natural aspect size of the E71 is for non-widescreen.

Anyways, you just need to watch the original video you are about to convert to see if its widescreen or not. Once you know what kind of video it is, just apply the settings below. (Note: I’ve noticed that most movies are in widescreen format.)

a. For Non-Widescreen Videos

For non-widescreen video formats your Super settings should look like the one below:

Convert Videos and Movies for Nokia E71 E61 E61i graphic06


The settings in the screenshot are:

Output File: mp4
Output Video Codec: mpeg-4
Output Audio Codec: AAC LC

Video General Options: Both unchecked
Video Scale Size: 320×240
Video Aspect: 4:3
Video Frame/Sec: 25
Video Bitrate: 384
Video Other Options: “High Quality” and “48k Audio” are checked

Audio General Options: Both unchecked
Audio Sampling Frequency: 44100
Audio Channels: 2
Audio Bitrate: 112
DVD Language Select: default


b. For Widescreen Videos

For widescreen video formats your Super settings should look like the one below:

Convert Videos and Movies for Nokia E71 E61 E61i graphic07


The settings in the screenshot are:

Output File: mp4
Output Video Codec: mpeg-4
Output Audio Codec: AAC LC

Video General Options: Both unchecked
Video Scale Size: 320×176
Video Aspect: 16:9
Video Frame/Sec: 25
Video Bitrate: 384
Video Other Options: “High Quality” and “48k Audio” are checked

Audio General Options: Both unchecked
Audio Sampling Frequency: 44100
Audio Channels: 2
Audio Bitrate: 112
DVD Language Select: default


Notice that the difference between the two is just the Video Scale Size and Video Aspect Ratio. The first one is in 320×240 and 4:3, while the other one is in 320×176 and 16:9.

If you notice that the audio and video aren’t synchronized, check the frame rate of source video by double-clicking the source video file in Super. A new window would appear at the right where you can check the Frame rate under the Video Category. You can use this setting to replace the Video Frame/Sec setting above. 


MediaCoder Transcoder

MediaCoder is another converter which can be used for the Nokia E71. If you encounter problems using Super you can use MediaCoder instead.

I suggest that you first read How to Use MediaCoder if this is your first time to use this. You will also find the download link of MediaCoder there.

Once you’ve installed MediaCoder (and know how to use it) Just use the conversion settings in the screenshots below to convert your video or movie for the Nokia E71.

Non-Widescreen Videos

Convert Videos Movies Nokia E71 E61 E61i graphic10

Convert Videos Movies Nokia E71 E61 E61i graphic11


If you’ve entered the correct settings, the summary should show the following:


Widescreen Videos

For widescreen videos, you will still use the settings above but change the settings in the Picture Tab.


If you want to use other video conversion software, you can check out the article – The Best Free Video Conversion Applications.


There it is. I hope this guide has helped you convert your movies or video files for your Nokia E71 / E61 / E61i for your enjoyment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask below at the comment section.

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  1. Gopal says:

    Hey really useful..I have bookmarked this page and will watch out for watever you write :)

  2. mac says:

    Thanks for the EXCELLENT how to!!
    I have only one question..
    when i open my burned dvd.. i only have “audio TS”
    and “video TS”

    It wont let me move these files in the way you descibe.. how do i convert these to a single mp4
    file for the e71?


    • Ige says:

      Hi Mac, thanks! I’m glad you found the article useful.

      Do you see the “Video_TS” folder? You would find many .VOB files there. The .VOB files are the video files you’d be wanting to convert. The big .VOB files (usually 1GB in size) are the ones containing the most parts of the movie.

      Just follow the settings in the article and drag these .VOB files to Super and convert away.

  3. Bianca says:

    this is way too cool!

    i only have one problem with wide angle video format,

    does it produce the same output or will it stretch the video to full screen using this video converter application?

    • Ige says:

      Hi Bianca, that’s an excellent question! ( I don’t know how I missed that in the article)

      If your original video/movie is the widescreen version (which is common for HDTV videos, widescreen movies, and some digital camcorders), then you would need to change your VIDEO ASPECT size option.

      Our original setting is 320×240 with aspect size 4:3 (or 1.33:1). Widescreen version videos usually have resolutions of 700×252 (aspect ratio of 2.77:1) or some other resolution with aspect ratio of 1.77:1.

      Most of my friends still use the settings 320×240 with aspect ratio 4:3 and say that the video is still ok. But if you’re the type who is into detail, you’ll notice that the width of the screen has been compressed somewhat. There would be no cropping but the characters MAY seem thinner. :-)

      If you don’t want that to happen, here’s what you can do: Still choose 320×240 but on Video Aspect option, 16:9 should be chosen. This indicates that you still have a 320×240 scale size, but an aspect ratio of 1.77:1 would be forced. If you have videos that are 700×252 with aspect ratio of 2.77:1, then at least by choosing 16:9 (1.77:1) it would be closer to the original aspect ratio. I’ve tested this myself by converting a 700×252 video to a format for E71 and the output videos are very good. If you want a higher aspect ratio try 12:5 (2.4:1), but I havent tested that.

      So to all your videos which are widescreen versions, just force the aspect ratio to 16:9.
      EDIT (1/16/08): I just discovered that some videos don’t seem to be forced to the right 16:9 ratio when you indicate 320:240 scale. Converted videos become 426×240 where the height is the only specification followed. To get optimum results just choose 320×176 Video Scale Size. (16:9 Video Ratio would also be automatically selected)

      I hoped I helped Bianca. And thanks for commenting.

  4. GREAT NEWS! says:


    • Ige says:

      I’ve included 2 download links which is located in the beginning of the article. One is in the official SUPER website, the other is in Softpedia. If you are having difficulty finding the download link inside the Super website, try the Softpedia website. Be sure to download from the RO location and not US.

  5. Monde says:

    Im having trouble with the output file after successful video conversion. I dont know where to find it, ive searched almost all of my desktop directories. Now, Do I need to configure any option w/this converter to make it appear? sob…

    • Ige says:

      Hi Monde,

      I have just updated the article, it now includes the folder where you can find your converted videos, and the steps you can do to change the default folder.

      Thanks for asking!

  6. DeeOzGooner says:

    just tested it…brilliant!!…great quality!

    thanx heaps man…so refreshing to find an article that goes the whole way!

  7. dennis says:

    Thanks Ige.. great help…

  8. zaza says:

    hey… thanks a bunch for this info!!!! BUT i need to know what would be the average size of the output file later? wondering how many movies can i keep in the mobile…

    • Ige says:

      Hi zaza,
      This depends mostly on the Video Bitrate of your source file and the Video Bitrate that you choose in your conversion settings – in our case above we chose 384kbps.

      When I have a source video file of about 800kbps of video bitrate, is about 2.5hrs long, and has a file size of 700++mb – the result would be about a 300++MB file (using still 384kbps video bitrate), which saves me approximately 300-400 MB of space.

      So what I’m just saying is, if your source file has a higher bitrate than our chosen video bitrate 384kbps, your ouput file would most likely get smaller.

      Hope I helped!

  9. zaza says:

    hello there. thanks! there’s another enquiry..
    can it be used for nokia N series too? *wondering*

    • Ige says:

      I specifically made the settings for the E71, E61i, and E61. I don’t have a sure answer for you right now as there are also numerous Nokia N series handsets in the market today.

  10. zaza says:

    one thing…i cant convert fite .dat
    may i know why and how? MANY THANKS!

    • Ige says:

      Is the whole source file playable? It should work as I’ve seen my friend convert a .dat file already. Maybe you should lower the bitrate of the audio and the sampling frequency to start. Try to play with the settings.

  11. zaza says:

    hye there….
    this is just an info…where this output file is also compatible for N95! :)

  12. zizou says:

    i cant convert anything!!!!

    it always appears ERROR read more!
    i press the read more button it says the decode mode is not checked and many things.. i checked the decode mode it appears ERROR and read more again
    i press it it says the decode mode is checked!!

    what should i do to convert??! plz help

    • Ige says:

      Hi zizou,
      First, make sure that the file is not corrupt from start to finish. There may be problems on the source file. Double check your conversion settings as well (you may have missed something). Try to check “DirectShow Decode” also as Super Converter may have problems decoding your file.

      Remember to download the latest version of Super Video Converter. Try to convert other file formats as well. Your problem may be file format specific. Sometimes files use different codecs so its very hard to convert.

      I hope I helped you. If you can tell me more details (like file formats you cant convert, specific error messages, a screenshot, etc.), I could offer more help.

  13. zizou says:

    am trying to convert a normal AVI file ( Xvid video clip) and i tried AVI whole movie and i tried FLV video its all the same problem … i’ve took a screenshot how can i show u?

      • zizou says:

        i’ve sent the screenshot

        • Ige says:

          Sorry the email was wrong. It’s

          • zizou says:

            sent it

          • Ige says:

            Thanks zizou, I saw your screenshot and I can only think of two things. First try to install the K-lite Codec Pack which I’ve featured in this site as well. and then try to convert the file with and without a check on the DirectShow Decode. The file may be have multiple codecs in it.
            If that doesn’t work I would guess it is a file problem. I have converted numerous files including .AVI and I don’t see a reason why yours shouldn’t.

          • zizou says:

            i already installed the k-lite codec,, but stil not working i’ve tried all the AVI files that i have and same problem.. anyway thx for trying to help..
            i appreciate but it seems i have bad luck! :(
            i really wanted it to work!!

          • Ige says:

            If you could try converting it using another PC then I would have to say it is a must try. I really hope you could make it work. I’ve consulted this to many of my friends who are using this conversion process as well and they say it may be a PC specific problem.

          • palnitro says:

            Hey Zizou,try setting 48000 for your frequency in the Audio section as well as proper framerate as said before. This fixed my missync. Cheers. And thanks for this post to Ige.

  14. zizou says:

    BTW it appears copying while its encoding,, but after that it appears (output setUp) directly after that ERROR

  15. zizou says:

    naaah,, not specific problem.. i have a Core 2 duo 2.6 ghz, and 4 GB ram and Nvidia Gforce 9800 gt which is GAMER laptop!

    aaarghh!! i dn knw why it’s not workingggg!!

    • Ige says:

      Maybe on how the system is set-up? Still, if you can try it on a different PC with a different file maybe you can isolate the problem. Just a suggestion :-) I do hope you get it to work.

  16. CZA says:

    Thanks man.. really great work !
    But my audio and video doesnt matches… how can ı fix it…

    • Ige says:

      Do you mean that the audio and video are not synchronized? It may be a source file problem which is only magnified by the conversion. Try converting the file again as it may also be a one-time problem during your previous conversion.

      • Cza says:

        i have tried several times with 25 fps 23.9 fps buts its the same…

        I have 3 files in my phone

        1-Familyguy episode original ( it slows down in action scenes, sometimes stops… but perfect audio video synchronisation )(ı think E71′s processor cant handle originla size videos action scenes… )

        2-Familyguy episode converted with Super Video converter 25fps ( good action scenes but no exact synchronisation )

        3-Familyguy episode converted with Super Video converter 23.976fps ( good action scenes but no exact synchronisation )

        Thank you very much …

        • Ige says:

          What is the frame rate of the original file? Double-click the video file while inside Super Video Converter and an analysis tab would come out. Check the frame rate of your file and use it as the setting for your conversion. If the original is 29.97fps, convert it using 29.97 fps.

  17. Cza says:

    Man this is Great !! Now i watch Films on my E71..

    You know these things … I would lıke to ask something..

    My dad has Blackberry Bold (480 x 320 pixels – 65000 colors )

    And ı got E71 ( 320 x 240 pixels – 16000000 Colors )

    okey Blackberry got more pixel but it also has bigger screen so it shouldnt make much difference..

    So why the hack Blackberry Bolds Screen is 10 times better than my E71 ?!?! ( Tried with couple of vids and it seems as Bold have billions more colors than e 71 inspite my e71 having 15.000.000 colors more…

  18. Amit says:

    The converted video plays fine but No thumbnails are produced for only SUPER Converted videos in my gallery. What could be the problem?

    • Ige says:

      Have you tried to put it in the Video folder of your phone?

      Also, the thumbnails usually captures from the first few seconds of the video. Maybe the first few seconds of your video are black or blank screens that’s why it isn’t capturing anything for the thumbnail.

  19. Ransom says:

    Hi Ige!

    This is great! My previous converter makes the videos small, this one is really intended for E71.
    Thanks man! :D

  20. Nathaneous says:

    Hi Ige,

    Thanks for your post. My problem is that the converted file won’t play properly on my e71? The video doesn’t show but it plays the sound? I’ve followed all the steps in your post, any advice?

    • Ige says:

      Hi Nathaneous,
      I suggest you double check all settings and especially make sure that the output video codec is MPEG-4. Check the Video portion as well – Video scale size, bitrate, frames per second, etc.

      I suggest you try to convert other videos as well to see if they will convert.


  21. Pras says:

    My audio is out of sync. Do you know of any options?

  22. hydrallus says:

    Wow, this is just fantastic! I know its 2009, but I just ended up with a new E61 so this is going to make life alot easier.

    You are the best! If only the whole internet was as helpful!

  23. Hacoco says:

    Hi Ige,
    Just bumped onto your web site via Google, what a great work you are doing! This is just what I wanted because I’ve upgraded and got Nokia E71 and then thought it would be good to watch movie on it. And by chance I got here.
    I read the article and comments and I believe I can sort it out even though I am not techie at all. However I have one question – after converting my video files as explained on my pc, how do I transfer it to my mobile phone Nokia E71 please? Thanks for the good work. Hacoco

    • Ige says:

      Hi Hacoco,

      When you use the supplied data cable, connect one end to your phone and the other end to the USB of your computer. Choose “USB mode” in your phone once connected. You would then see another drive in “My Computer” like it was just like a memory stick / USB flash disk. Transfer the converted video files to your mobile phone like you would do in a USB flash disk.

      • Justin says:

        I cant find the videos on my phone either. I tried to drag it to the video folder but when I check it on my phone it shows no movies. I tried to sync with windows but it doesnt show the vids in the the library. Any advice?

        • Justin says:

          Never mind I figured it out. I just had to figure out the exact location to put it in.
          Thanks for the walk through it rocks.

  24. Peter says:

    Excellent article – but I find the volume is very low. Is there anyway I can increase it?
    Thank you.

  25. clas says:

    fantastik site / jobb here
    i´ve manadge to use this converter on 3 or 4 films but on : KUNG FU PANDA (2008) Divx (Telesync).avi it just doesen´t work . i´ve tried diffrent settings /bitrates and scale sizes but i´m simpiy unable
    plz help

  26. luluk says:

    Hi, Thank you for the steps to convert videos for E-71. I had problem before finding your site. It is very useful. I followed your instruction and now I can watch videos on my E-71.

  27. blu says:

    works flawless. thanx for the post. walk through was amazing. keep up the good work. is there any ways to speed up encoding?

  28. Leslie says:

    Awesome stuff… it worked for me !!!

  29. sheriff says:

    well i just found dowdloading divx player onto the phone to work just fine as it is free and works with almost every format, just go on to their site while on your mobile and then just go to the the download links and find the right os for your mobile
    then bish bash bosh you get a brilliant player on your phone which you can enjoy.

    • Ige says:

      Thanks for the tip sheriff! DivX is great as you can play amost any format but what we are also after is we want to play videos in full screen (in the best quality possible). DivX player is great and all as it gives you flexibility to play another file format.

  30. jorgen says:

    Hi, the conversion worked ok for me but when i try to open the file in real player on the nokia e71 it does not locate it. Im assuming because it cant open avi files. What am i doing wrong please?

  31. Parahat says:

    Hi, I used these once and worked really well.
    However, i couldnt manage thereafter, it just keep giving error after it finished %35-%40. It says.
    Error has occured

  32. Art_Boy says:

    Thnx alot.

  33. Elleisa says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the help. All the movies on my comp are cool with Super V.C, except a movie I have that is a .divx file. When I go to add it (right click, Add multimedia files), it doesn’t show it in the folder, like it isn’t there. I tried choosing only .divx files, but it still doesn’t recognise it. Help??

  34. sagar says:

    hi.. tried converting a lot of .mpg files by mediacoder for my nokia e71 according to your given settings but when played on e71 it says that unable to play audio and only video is played without audio…
    help plz…. :-(

    • Ige says:

      Try another audio encoder such as FAAC with an average bitrate of 128. MPEG Version selected should be MPEG4 with Container: AAC.

  35. andy says:

    This is excellent – just what I was looking for. Thank you so much.

  36. kge says:

    i hope this will help me ~

  37. Sophia says:

    I was wondering if it was possible to do something similar for the Nokia 6700 Classic. I used this article to put a movie onto my Nokia E71 (thank you so much the instructions were FANTASTIC) and a friend of mine who owns the Nokia 6700 Classic would like the movie on her phone as well, is it possible and if is so, how would I do it?
    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

    • Ige says:

      I’m sure you can play videos and movies there as well. However, the 6700 has a smaller screen and it may be harder to watch videos there.

      From the settings for the E71, try changing the resolution to 320×240. Hopefully it would play on our friend’s 6700.

  38. Anthony says:

    Thank you very much for easy and working instructions!
    However, videos converted can play but the problem is the Nokia “crap” device!
    Videos simply hang, I believe that the phone or the Real Player are not able to handle the work.
    Either ways Nokia offered a very very poor product, yet the last time I buy Nokia!

  39. karan says:

    i tried this for e63 for it the real player says no audio

  40. Justin says:

    Do you have instructions on an HTC EVO 3D?

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