Convert Movies and Videos for your Nokia 5800

Using the best free video conversion software and the right settings, you’ll have the best movies and videos for your Nokia 5800.

The Nokia 5800 is not just for music but is also one of the best mobile phones to watch videos and movies because of its large display size (640×360). We’ve already shown in previous articles how to convert videos/movies for other mobile phones such as the Nokia E71, E61i, E61 and Sony Ericsson P1i.

Now we’ll convert videos or movies for the Nokia 5800.


Nokia 5800 in Batman The Dark Knight Movie
The Nokia 5800 in Batman – The Dark Knight Movie


Below are three video conversion applications we can use to convert videos and movies for the Nokia 5800. 

Super Video Converter

If you’re going to use Super Video Converter to convert videos and movies, I suggest that you first read How to Use Super Video Converter. The download link for the installer of Super Video Converter is also there.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Super (and know how to use it), use the conversion settings below to convert your video or movie for the Nokia 5800.

Just follow the settings indicated or shown below:

Convert Videos Movies for Nokia 5800 graphic05


Output File: mp4
Output Video Codec: mpeg-4
Output Audio Codec: AAC LC

Video General Options: Both unchecked
Video Scale Size: 640×360
Video Aspect: 16:9
Video Frame/Sec: 25
Video Bitrate: 816
Video Other Options: “High Quality” and “48k Audio” are checked

Audio General Options: Both unchecked
Audio Sampling Frequency: 44100
Audio Channels: 2
Audio Bitrate: 112
DVD Language Select: default


Note: Based from the preloaded video (Batman – The Dark Knight) in the Nokia 5800, it can handle 2,121 kbps of Video Bitrate and 30 frames/sec. Being a music phone, I’m sure it can handle more than 112kbps of Audio Bitrate as well.

So if the source video file or the video you want to convert has a higher Video Bitrate and higher frames per second, you can adjust the settings so you could have a better quality video. The same goes for the audio. If conversion is too long for you or the converted video file is larger than the source video file, you can decrease the video bitrate from 816kbps (take note that you’ll be decreasing the video quality as well).

If you find that audio and video are not synchronized, you can check the frame rate of the source video file by double-clicking the source video file which you added in Super. A new window would appear at the right where you would need to take note of the Frame rate under the Video category. You can use this setting to replace the Video Frame/Sec setting above.


MediaCoder Transcoder

MediaCoder is another video converter which is as powerful and as flexible as Super. If you encounter problems using Super you can use MediaCoder instead. I suggest that you first read How to Use MediaCoder if this is your first time to use this. You will also find the download link of MediaCoder there.

Once you’ve installed MediaCoder (and know how to use it) Just use the conversion settings in the screenshots below to convert your video or movie for the Nokia 5800.

Convert Videos Movies for Nokia 5800 graphic08

Convert Videos Movies for Nokia 5800 graphic09


If you’ve entered the correct settings, the summary should show the following:


Note: If the converted file is larger than the source file, try to check the video bitrate of the source file if it’s smaller than the 816kbps. If it is, set it to that number. So if the video bitrate of the source file is just 500kbps, in the conversion settings above, replace 816 with 500. You can check for the video bitrate of the source file by clicking at the source file in MediaCoder and then checking the properties window located at its right.


Videora Nokia 5800 Video Converter

You can also use Videora’s Nokia 5530 Video Converter if you just want to quickly convert videos for your Nokia 5800 and don’t want to think about conversion settings much,. It’s not as flexible as the two mentioned earlier (in terms of video quality, file size, aspect ratio, etc.) but it’s the easiest to use!

You can download it directly from Videora’s Nokia 5800 site page.


If you still want to use other converters other than the ones listed here, I’ve compiled the best free video converters available today.


There you have it! I hope I have helped you convert videos or movies for your Nokia 5800!


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  1. well done. i have a bunch of video needed to be converted for my new bought ipod. thanks for sharing,i will give it a try.

  2. Alvaro says:

    Thanks for this post.
    Some of the videos my nokia 5800 has, have the bitrate up to 2100 kbps.

    I’ve converted some of my own videos with the XviD4PSP but my cell phone doesn’t play them right even when some of the videos are at least 1500 kbps. And the Aspect Ratio is 640:360.
    They begin playin like 2 seconds, then goes black but sound keeps on playing.

    Do you know why? What should I do?

    Thanks again.

    • Ige says:

      I guess you should try another converter. The original video you’re converting may also be the source of the problem. Try to convert other video files and see if it turns out the same.

      • anthony says:


        i tried converting the videos from avi to wmv cause it says that the nokia 5800 supports this format of video but when i tried playing it on my phone the video wont play but the sound is there. i tried lowering the resolution of the video but still it wont work. i use an allok video converter. can u help. thanks

  3. Ashwani Singh says:

    Thanks Bro! I was frustrating about mp4 playing problem. After trying your method, now i m very happy because its working dude.

    thanks again..
    God bless u!
    Bye Tc..

  4. Armin says:

    Thank you so much…

  5. robin says:

    i tried to convert a movie of about 730mb via this program. believe me the process goes on and on and it in not finished. more than 4-5 hours i have let the progrem to convert bt still it is not converted. may i knw how much time does it take to convert a movie in super video converter. also mention is there any way i could speed up the process. m using intel p4 3.00 ghz(HT) 512 mb ram

  6. Sumit says:

    I just converted a 1 hour movie & put it in my mobile. It is working fine except it has jerks. Can any one help me on this. Is there a size restriction on the card. I have enough space on the memory card.

  7. ian says:

    high there.after using a decryter for some dvds the files are number vob 1 vob2 etc to vob 4.they seem to do about 25mins of video on my nokia 5800.any idea how i can get them to work as just 1 film please.not the greatest at trying these things but want films on my phone.thanks ian

  8. Amol says:

    This is what i was looking for my nokia 5800. and thanks for great tutes with screen shot really made it easy to understand and set the settings required.

  9. suresh says:

    hey…thanks bro…it’s really working…..superb converter….BTW can i compress the picture…cuz sometimes mkb files become too large after converting it into mp4….but anyway thanks again for giving configuration for the converter…..

  10. Murthy says:

    The author has not clarified on hardcoding the subtitles over the output file in SUPER. Few other readers also raised this query.

    On going through the menu options in Super, I could not find anything to add the subtitle file for conversion. May be the option is not there at all!

  11. Ige says:

    Yes Murthy there really is no support for subtitles in Super – which I have already mentioned in other comments.

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