Cheap Memory for PSP: 2 Micro SD in 1 MS Pro Duo Adaptor

With the PhotoFast CR-5400 you can save on memory stick costs by putting 2 micro SD memory cards in just one MS Pro Duo Adaptor.

We all know that the MS Pro Duo is quite expensive compared to the other memory cards in the market. This is the reason why many are making fake memory sticks and selling them cheap. These fake memory sticks have several disadvantages that I really don’t recommend using them.

A cheap alternative has come out to the market – the PhotoFast CR-5400. It is an MS Pro Duo adaptor which has two slots for Micro SD where you can put in two memory cards at the same time.


Cheap Memory for PSP 2 Micro SD in 1 MS Pro Duo Adaptor


Micro SD cards are a lot cheaper than the proprietary MS Pro Duo memory stick. The small capacity Micro SD cards are even cheaper. With the PhotoFast CR-5400, you will surely save as you can combine small capacity Micro SD to have a big capacity MS Pro Duo.

The product is advertised in as being able to handle two 16GB Micro SD cards to combine for 32GB of memory. It is a product of and can currently be bought there. There are several sellers however in online stores such as Ebay which sell it for a cheaper price.

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  1. j says:

    so you can fit 2x 16gb micro SD, but is it still compatible with the PSP at that point. I always thought the PSP couldnt handle anything more than 8gb.