Preview Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is just days before its official international launch this August 2012 – and we definitely have a reason to be excited about it.

Ok maybe we may have several reasons to be excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Unlike other tablets (including other Samsung products) which were always looking up to the iPad, this one seems to have surpassed it. Is this finally the iPad killer?

While other tablets were built to try and dethrone the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 seems to have been built without the iPad in mind. Based on Samsung’s video release it has 5 Key features: Multitasking, Note taking, Education, Information, and Photo Editing.

Take a look at the official video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 :

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Diablo 3: Could Not Install Invalid Installation Options Error

Are you installing Diablo 3 in your PC but you encountered the error – “Could not install. Invalid installation options. Please try again? We’ll tell you how to resolve this.

Considering the demand of Diablo 3, I was lucky to be able to buy a copy only after a few days after its launch. Having played the 2 previous Diablo games, I was really looking forward in playing this one. However, when I was trying to install Diablo 3 in my PC, right after agreeing to the terms and conditions, this was what I got:


 Diablo-3 Could Not Install Invalid Installation Options Error graphic01

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Fix: Blackberry Bridge Plug-in for Blackberry Messenger Not Working

What to do when you get this message in your Blackberry Playbook – “Blackberry Bridge plug-in for Blackberry Messenger does not exist, or your version of Blackberry Messenger does not support Blackberry Bridge”

If you own a Blackberry Playbook and a Blackberry phone then most likely you are using the Blackberry Bridge app which would display your messages, contacts, calendar, and – the Blackberry Messenger or most popularly known as BBM.

Making the Blackberry Bridge work is as easy as installing the Bridge application on both the Playbook and your Blackberry phone. However, it’s possible that when you launch the Blackberry Messenger in your Playbook – you get the following error:

Blackberry Bridge Plug-in Blackberry Messenger Not Working graphic01
Blackberry Bridge plug-in for Blackberry Messenger does not exist, or your version of Blackberry Messenger does not support Blackberry Bridge

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Enable Google Toolbar for Firefox 5, Firefox 6, and Firefox 7

You can still install/run/enable Google Toolbar in Firefox 5, Firefox 6, or Firefox 7 by using the simple steps below.

Let’s get straight to the point – yes the Google Toolbar can still be used in Firefox 5, Firefox 6, and even Firefox 7. It’s not officially supported by Google anymore (which is a shame) but it can still be used on the new Firefox web browsers.

There are actually several ways to make the Google Toolbar work for the new versions of Firefox but the one below is by far the easiest as it doesn’t require you to code or modify any files.

I’ll show you how to have the Google Toolbar on a fresh install of Firefox or by updating your Firefox 4 which already has the Google Toolbar.

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Auto Shutdown after Download for Firefox 4

Using only a Firefox add-on, you can automatically shutdown your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux) after your downloads are complete.

Have you ever had days whereon you were downloading a file so large, or you were downloading multiple files at once but you had neither the time nor the patience to wait for it to finish? Or maybe it was already late at night and you already want to sleep but need the file or files very badly?

Ever since I have been using Firefox, I have also used Auto Shutdown by InBasic.

Auto Shutdown Download Firefox 4 graphic01

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Lenovo Y460 Review and Pictures

Let’s review and look at the Lenovo Y460 which has a 14.1-inch WXGA LCD, a Core i5 processor, a dedicated ATI HD 5650 video card, JBL speakers, HDMI and DVD writer.

The Lenovo Y460 is part of the Ideapad series and is marketed as a “maximum” multimedia entertainment laptop by Lenovo. The main highlight of the Lenovo Y460 is its Intel processor together with a dedicated video card (the ATI 5650), and its Dolby certified sounds.

After more than 3 months of using this laptop, here is a review and some pictures of the Lenovo Y460.

 Lenovo Y460 Review Pictures graphic001

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Lag Spikes in Starcraft 2 SEA Server

The reasons or factors behind lag spikes in Starcraft 2 SEA (Southeast Asian) or ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) server and some points on how to solve them.

Have you ever played multiplayer games in Starcraft 2 and experienced lag spikes? Lag spikes so unbearable that the games are already unplayable and unenjoyable? Lag spikes that appear so often that you can’t decently micromanage your units? What’s worse is that sometimes the lag spikes in Starcraft 2 already disconnect you from the game?

Let’s first clear the scope of what we’re here to discuss. What we’re going to tackle are lag spikes and how to deal with them in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand region server (SEA/ANZ) – or most popularly known as SEA server. I won’t be discussing lag spikes in the North America or NA server.

If you don’t know what server you’re on, you can check the box. The edition of the game should be indicated there.

Lag Spikes Starcraft 2 SEA Server graphic01

Check the top right portion of your box to see if you’ve bought the SEA edition

What are the Causes of Lag Spikes?

Lag spikes occur due to three factors that I know of: 

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Change the Wallpaper of Windows 7 Starter

How do you change the wallpaper (or even the theme) of your Windows 7 Starter OS? Read on below.

When I was having my usual haircut at a salon near our house, my hairstylist (well, he just cuts my hair and I guess he doesn’t want to be called a barber), asked me for help on a problem in his laptop. I momentarily glanced at his table and there I saw his newly purchased gadget. I was quite surprised that there was already a problem when it was obviously brand new. He told me he’s been trying to change the wallpaper of his laptop for days and he couldn’t change it.

Now right after my haircut, I checked his laptop and saw that it was in Windows 7. When I checked what version/edition – voila! It was Windows 7 Starter. 

Change Wallpaper Windows 7 Starter graphic01
Windows 7 Starter Default Wallpaper

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Convert Movies and Videos for the Nokia N97 and N97 Mini

Using free video conversion software and the right settings, you can easily convert videos and movies for the Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini.

Since the release of the Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini since June 2009 and September 2009, the two have been a hit. Because of its good features (and good looks & ergonomics), I’ve seen many of my techie friends buy the N97 and N97 mini. Their price may be higher than other phones, but it’s all compensated with the performance and features that they have.

With the a big 3.5 inch screen for the N97 and a smaller (but still big) 3.2 inch screen for the N97 mini, it would be great to watch videos and movies in it. These cute Stormtroopers even use it as their spaceship console monitor!

Convert Videos Movies Nokia N97 and N97 mini graphic01
N97: Console by bfishadow

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How to Use MediaCoder Transcoder/Converter

MediaCoder is one of the best free video converters as it can convert from almost any video format to another. It’s fast and is very flexible with its conversion settings.

As we are now using MediaCoder in our video conversion guides for our gadgets (i.e. mobile phones), I have made a general tutorial on how to use MediaCoder . This would help novice and first time users in using the software.

Why Use MediaCoder?

MediaCoder when first launched or opened, looks like it’s difficult to use because of the several panes, tabs, icons, and buttons of the software. Although video conversion is not an easy task in itself, these could confuse the user and divert his/her attention on the few core steps needed to convert their videos.

However, these several buttons and icons are there because MediaCoder has powerful conversion features which we can take advantage of. MediaCoder can be used to convert almost any video format into another with the specifications we want which makes it ideal for our video conversion needs.

How To Use MediaCoder graphic01

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